Venue Managers

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Pricing and Benefits for Venues/Companies
There is a pricing structure providing discounts for block purchases of program licenses:

  1. Discount rates start at each block size listed below and apply for any number of logins up to next discount rate (e.g., a block of 150 logins earns a 5% discount rate).
  2. Venue or Company administrative users receive access to an administrative control service in order to assign user names and track users’ progress, at no charge.
  3. Discount rates apply to the total number of training courses purchased: Trained Crowd Manager (TCM) or when available, Crowd Manager Supervisor (CMS).
User Discount Rate Benefits
Venue or Company Users: A
1 Login 0% $15.00  
100 Login's 5% $14.25 B
250 Login's 10% $13.50 C
500 Login's 15% $12.75 C

Benefit Notes:

  1. All venue or company administrative users receive curriculum (lesson plan outline) documents free for the venue- or facility-specific phase of training.
  2. Those meeting the requirement for benefit level B will receive a PowerPoint presentation template (shell presentation) adaptable for either TCM or CMS venue-specific training (a $175 value).
  3. Those meeting the requirement for benefit level C will receive the PowerPoint presentation templates (shell presentations) adaptable for both TCM and CMS venue-specific trainings (a $350 value).

To purchase a block of licenses, click here to register your venue/company.

Select Register my company/organization and click on Proceed.  Complete the registration form and then click Submit.

This submits your registration to the help desk for TCM.  In most cases you will receive a call within a few hours but it could be a day or two depending on when you submit your company registration. Of course you may also contact our support team at 888-791-5150, option 1, if you are ready to order.

The TCM help desk will assist you in the following ways:

  • Representatives will help you purchase the number of licensees you desire to purchase.
  • They will arrange payment (options include credit card, company check, and government purchase order).
  • Upon payment processing, the licenses will be activated in your account (unused licenses in your account do not expire).
  • Representatives will provide you instructions on administrative functions to assign user IDs and initial passwords, and to keep track of your employees’ progress.
  • Representatives will send you the curriculum outline for the venue-specific portion of the training for free.  Ask that this document is emailed to you. 

You will be equipped to distribute login credentials to your employees.