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Who is the “Venue’s Authorized Representative” for signing certificates of training and how do they become TCM certificate holders themselves?
Typically, it would be the venue manager. The “Venue’s Authorized Representative” is signing as an indication that the individual has completed the second phase of the training regarding the venue specifics.   The certificate is only a statement that the individual has completed the two parts to the Trained Crowd Manager training course.  Completion is presumed to mean satisfactory completion.  

The certificate is not a certification of skill, knowledge or ability; it just marks completion of the training.  In the case of the venue-specific training portion, it means they have attended, appear to comprehend the instruction, and took the recommended test (evaluation) satisfactorily.
The venue manager could also delegate this authority to the staff manager that is conducting the training or managing the Trained Crowd Manager program for the venue. 

In the case of the manager’s own certificate—and it is recommended that you, the manager complete the training as well—it probably makes sense to have another staff member participating in the training program sign your certificate to indicate you took the venue portion of the training.   It is simply assumed that the person conducting the venue specific training portion is fully trained by virtue of developing and delivery the training.

Can the Trained Crowd Manager course be done as a group session?
The TCM course Phase 1 is designed as an individual online course for the individual to take as a self-paced course.   In other words they can stop and start as they need within the time they have available to take the course.  It is individual because the “student” is given a lesson, applies it, and is individually tested or quizzed to evaluate his or her learning.  This learning evaluation is built in and needs to be done individually as part of the on-line course in order to demonstrate/document what the student has learned.  So Phase 1 is not designed to be a group session.  It can be taken from any computer with internet access. 

The Phase 2 venue-specific training—designed for 2 hours—is very much intended to be a group session at the venue.  When you sign up for a group of licenses as a venue or company, we will give you the curriculum plan for this portion of the training for free.   You develop this training session and deliver it much like a new-employee orientation session. This is training about your facility, how it operates, where things are located (exits, alarms, first aid, etc.), and what are the procedures and protocols—very much a participative, learn-together type process.  It is important to discuss with your staff how the systems will work in the event of an emergency and let them ask questions.

Each person completing the online phase can print a certificate and then have it signed by you when they complete the venue-specific portion of the training.

Can an individual completing the Trained Crowd Manager course online earn a certificate at multiple venues?
The online training and certificate of completion earned is intended to be applicable to any venue and to multiple venues should an individual work at several facilities.  The second phase—venue-specific training—is about each individual venue and needs to be completed for each location an individual will serve as a Trained Crowd Manager (TCM).   After a person completes the online course, they can print multiple certificates at that time, or they can go back into the program at a later time to print additional certificates.  Then at each venue where they complete the venue-specific training, a certificate can be signed by the facility manager/trainer and copied for the file.  That individual would then be a TCM for that venue.  The one $15 fee for TCM covers however many certificates they need for completing certificates at each venue in which they work.  

Trained Crowd Manager Renewal
The TCM training certificate is good for three (3) years from the date of completing the on-line portion of the training.  At that time, the individual would need to take the renewal TCM course and the fee would be $15, based on current pricing.  The renewal course will test the individual’s retained knowledge, provide specific training needed, and give a general review of the crowd manager information.

It is recommended that all TCM certificate holders take the venue-specific portion of the training annually, as a refresher.  Typically this should be done at the start of a new activity season as part of the venue’s general orientation and training activities.  The need for this annual refresher and depth of training is dependent on how often a TCM-trained individual works and stays current with the venue’s procedures , protocols, emergency plans, etc.   This is a decision only the venue management can best make.  There is no fee associated with the TCM program for the venue-specific training.  

More information on the certificate renewal process will be forth coming when the TCM program has been active for a couple of years.   The first TCM training became available in September 2019, so look for information in 2013.